WHO IS STACIE ?                     

Stacie L. Daniel

Wealth Strategist | Life Insurance Agent Coach
Award Winning Agency Owner

Stacie L. Daniel believes that everyone should have access to the education and tools needed to reach the level of financial success that they're working towards.

Financial literacy and other powerful but hidden money rules are not taught in our schools, churches, at work and many times not even in our homes. It is for that reason that she has positioned herself and her company as a resource. 


Wealth Strategist 

Advance Wealth Strategies and Tools

Stacie helps Gen-X Corporate Professionals & Established Entrepreneurs who want to protect their financial foundation, assets, and peace of mind by stopping financial hemorrhages and implementing tools that allow them to GROW, SAVE, & SPEND their money all at the same time. She also positions them to receive monthly & lifetime paychecks /play checks so that they never run out of money.


Financial Educator

Motivating Your Money Academy

Digital products, Courses, &Workshops

Stacie teaches Aspiring Entrepreneurs & Side Hustlers how to build a solid financial foundation so that they can recession proof their finances by controlling their cash flow and moving further away from the hustle. She also teaches them the importance of money mindset + emotional & financial maturity in order to maintain their progress after implement the new money rules and money mechanics.


Life Insurance Agent Consultant

Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy 

Corporate Trainings & Workshops

Working with * Black / Brown * Life insurance Agents and agencies via the Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB community and The Virtual Life insurance Agent Academy teaching how to turn their license into a successful dependable business online and offline with NO overwhelm. 

The better equipped and more stable our licensed financial professionals  are the longer they will stay in the industry, the more they can educate the community on little known financial strategies and the more we can all close the wealth gap. 


Since 2008, Stacie has been in the Financial Services Industry. She is the Founder of The Motivating Your Money Academy™ & The Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy. She is also the host of The Wealth Chronicles Show.

Stacie is an award winning national speaker, trainer, and agency owner. She has received multiple awards & accolades for helping thousands of families to save millions of dollars by avoiding The 8 Silent Wealth Killers™ and other very powerful but hidden money rules.

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