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What's our call objective:

We work with traditional life insurance agents who want to become virtual life insurance agents. Many agents come wanting to serve their community but not sure how to do so without sacrificing their soul. We help you do just that via Digital Products, Group Coaching, & Done For You Professional Services.

What our Life Insurance Agent clients have in common is the willingness and ability to invest in themselves and their business in order to implement automation systems, sales strategies, social media tools that will create consistent flow of leads on autopilot that are prequalified and primed BEFORE the appointment so they come prepared to close when you meet.

Lastly, we assist in building a strong business foundation by alleviating the feast and famine lifestyle via passive insurance sales and diversified income streams.

Many agents & financial services clients come to us wanting to serve their community, fix their own finances, and live free of future financial uncertainty. We help you do just that via Digital Products, Group Coaching, and Done For You Professional Services

Strategy session

15 Min Introduction Session

Let's Chat! 1 on 1 {Strategy Session} Virtual Life Agent Intensive

Let us cover the cost of our call to see how FMCIS can assist you in reaching your professional development + revenue goals in your life insurance business via a PAID product or service. By doing a doing a quick triage  of your sales and leads funnel and strategies. I can quickly see how l can assist and if we are a good fit.  

The goal is to see how we can help you reduce your manual life agent activities while increasing the quality submit business, issued policies, and referrals via an automated marketing and lead generation machine!

By the end of our call we will determine which Leads & Sales Audit is best for you and your budget, timeline. 


  • 90 Minute strategy session
  • 30 Days of coaching & unlimited support 
  • 30 minutes in 30 days - Follow Up Strategy Session


  • Accountability for unhealth pattern recognition
  • Removing existing self sabotaging mindset and choices
  • Time management and organization hacks (business/personal)
  • Productive and profitable habit forming
  • Money Mindset support to build confidence & consistency 

From my 25 year entrepreneurial sales experience and 15 year veteran agent experience, the immediate accountability and coaching is required so the tasks and strategies discussed in the 90 minute consulting strategy session can be implemented so you don't again get overwhelmed with ideas forgetting about our personalized plan of action, stuck from analysis paralysis instead following the step by step plan we create, or like it was a waste of time because nothing changed in your daily activities so nothing change in your business  

Despite what you may have heard, our biggest hurdles to success is is what we believe and what we tell ourselves. Hence, personal development, self reflection, consistency, and identifying the negative self talk is an important component.

Ideally, our session is just the beginning of a long term relationship while we build your virtual life insurance expereince that will create the time, location, and money freedom you seek.

It all starts with a 15 minute Leads & Sales Audit

 ► There are 2 categories of agents and each have 2 options for support:

EXPEREINCED AGENTS - 6 Months licensed w/ 10 policies issued

Revenue Engine Check Up Strategy Session $650

This Sales Leads and Sales Audit Check-UP session is for agents who aren't sure what direction to take next regarding consistent and virtual income-producing activities and lead-generating strategies online and offline to decrease time and effort currently required. 

Branding Audit + Content Analysis Session $349

This branding audit & content analysis session is for agents who need a social media content & marketing strategy. Without being able to clearly and concisely articulate who you help and what policy/riders will solve your ideal clients financial problems PLUS a polished virtual positioning you won't be able to convert your visitors on autopilot.

In this strategy session we will give your our simple proven framework then personalize it to your brand and business model then your automated marketing machine components for greater results requiring less effort from you.


► Appointment slots are for agents who are ready to that the invest in themselves and their business in order to take the next steps with a virtual life agent expert

If you are still unsure and have a few questions, Let's chat. Just message Stacie's Bot for IMMEDIATE REPLY and so we can get your questions answered & get you unstuck. 

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  • DIY {Do It Yourself} Take Baby Step that lead to Large Leaps via our FMCIS University of Digital Products, workshop replays, top agent tools- Stating at $7
  • DFY {Done For You} Social Media Membership Specifically for Life Agents 24 hr /5 day support & coaching via PRIVATE community- $7/ mo || Cancel Anytime!

► Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy
We have A BEGINNER membership for Black and Brown life agents that are new agents or experienced agents that are new to the virtual space.

This is also a great place to start, receive daily support and accountability, and feel the power of a likeminded community of agents cheerleading you to reach your next goal. 

► FMCIS University

Digital products and courses at various points so you can try us our before making any commitments via on demand e-learning center:

Baby Steps Lead to Large Leaps!


There's NO REFUND on digital products due to you have access to much of the content immediately

FMCIS University Includes:

► Virtual Life Agent Courses

► Money Mindset Resources

► Personal & Business Finance