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Pre-Qualify Your Leads & ONLY Meet w/ People

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Date & time :

20 October 2021

6.00  PM Central Time


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What Will You Learn In This Webinar?

In this training you will learn how to ONLY meet with serious leads who are ready to work with a trusted financial professional, get their money questions answered, and help them pick the best strategy and protection.

  1. How to quickly identify a good lead which will increase the amount of business you submit.

  1. How to increase your trust and credibility so you feel confident & welcomed during every appointment

  1. Reduce your appointment "No Shows" & the "I need time to think about it's..."

  1. Increase your approved applications which means higher commission checks

  1. How to handle the most common objections &  questions before you meet so closing is simple & easy

Who Is This Training For?

This training is important for an agent who wants to increase their revenue, their quality appointments, & make the best of every leads but also identify the tire kickers so they are not overwhelmed and stressed.

What Makes This Training Important?

  1. The traditional life insurance agent who no longer want to be a stressed an overworked.

  2. The agent who is tired on wasting money on crappy leads.

  3. The agent who want to spend more time helping people and less time proving themselves to people are don't respect what you do.

Who Is This Training Not For?

  1. The agent who isn't willing to put in the work (DIY) or money (DFY) to make essential changes in what they are currently doing and would rather continue the way things are

  2. The agent whos not interested in using simple virtual strategies to lessen their load and responsibility while giving them more time to spend with their family everyday. 

  3. The agent who has such a big hear to serve that they don't mind spending all of their time with clients who don't complete the application which means they are overworked and underpaid just like a corporate job

What Happens After You Register?

  1. You will be added to the reminder list for the training. You will receive a confirmation email with a time sensitive GIVEAWAY.We will remind you the morning of the training and when we actually go live so that you don't miss out. There’s a special giveaway for those who show up LIVE


  • When is the training?
  • The weekly Wednesday training is inside of the Black life Insurance Agents of America FB Community. Registering helps ensure you don't miss it since FB notifications are not dependable.
  • Will there be a FREE replay available 
  • Yes. Inside of the BLIAA Membership, training REPLAYS are available. Join LIVE to access LIVE ONLY GIVEAWAYS. 
  • Is there a digital product, service, or resource that goes with the training?
  • Some trainings have a suggested "pre-requisite" or "next steps" resource. During the LIVE you receive those details and discount codes for the FMCIS University agent portal.
  • Is there a next step after workshop?
  • Yes, after this training that will be an opportunity to implement the system in your business or to have FMCIS do it for you.

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Founder: The Virtual Agent Method™ | The Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy | Motivating Your Money Academy™

Host: The Wealth Chronicles Show

Author: The 8 Silent Wealth Killers™

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Your Webinar Host:

Stacie L. Daniel 

The creator of the Virtual Agent Method which allows me to control my money, my time, and my life. I’ve been able to make 10k from one cold lead and 11X my revenue during the pandemic with a strategic combination of online and offline activities.  

As a Safe Investment Strategist, I'm in the business of helping my established entrepreneurs and corporate professional clients Grow & Protect their money at the same time Guaranteed.

After being in the financial services industry since 2008, receiving multiple awards and accolades for speaking, training, & sales, I started my own award winning life insurance agency and consulting firm. 

In 2017, I transitioned part of my business online because I wanted to work less, make more, and have a bigger impact on my community affording me the ability to train my fellow agents to do the same and help my community with safe investments and still have time to spare.

If you’re tired of buying leads, door knocking, and dialing for dollars and you’re ready to feel like and make money like a respected financial professional, Join our FB Community @ #BlackLifeInsuranceAgentsOfAmerica where we teach you how to turn your license into a successful dependable business online and offline with NO overwhelm or text INFO to 708-498-8686 for immediate support.

Being a life insurance agent doesn't have to be stressful

Reserve your seat now and join us LIVE for this week's that will change the way you think about your entire career!