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This FREE FB Community is for Black & Brown life insurance agents who want to turn their license into a successful and dependable business without the overwhelm! 

Whether you're just getting licensed or wanting to take your insurance agency to another level, we have something for you!

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5 Ways to Create Consistent Income in Your Life Insurance Business. 

Black Life Insurance Agent of America has 5 Areas of Focus:

  • Remove the appointment setting and follow-up overwhelm
  • Eliminate the need to buy leads or hassle your friends and family
  • Solve the feast to famine lifestyle and create dependable income
  • Learn how to build a successful business with your license
  • Train on product knowledge, sales support, & personal development 

Perks of being in The Black Life Insurance Agent of America

  • Daily Business, Sales, technology, social media, & Product Tips
  • Monthly free masterclasses focused around one of the 5 core areas
  • Discounts on Motivating Your Money Academy courses, classes, & events
  • Exclusive community with like minded professionals
  • Education on all things life insurance and products
  • ... and much more

“If you don't want to go from client to client and month to month hustling insurance than you need to connect with Stacie. I've never received this type of training from an FMO.

LaRoy Mack Safe Money Expert


Stacie L. Daniel is an award winning Retirement Specialist/Wealth Strategist that is passionate about life insurance agent education, wealth protection, and business development. She is a lead generating mastermind, sales guru, & corporate trainer.

Since 2008, Stacie has been in the financial services industry providing individuals, small business owners, and agents with the education and guidance needed to achieve financial freedom. She believes in helping her clients find money in places they may be throwing away unknowingly and unnecessarily. She also equips individuals with the information and resources to make sound financial decisions long-term.

Stacie has continually studied and trained to stay current on the principles and trends of personal finance and wealth accumulation. She is currently licensed to provide insurance, annuities, college plans and tax-free retirement products.


Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance Services is a full service consulting firm and insurance provider who work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations tp better prepare their members, employees, or followers on basic financial literacy concepts and advanced wealth strategies.

We also train & mentor licensed life insurance agents for their business and infrastructure needs. We show Life insurance Community Super Hero's how to have a bigger impact, gain back their independence, & remove the overwhelm which will double their income.

With national and international clients, we have help hundreds of agents to start, build, and scale their insurance agency both online and offline. 

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