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Life Agents! We're extremely excited to speak w/ you about your business needs. FMCIS will cover the cost to have a 15 min introduction ONLY consult to see how we can better serve you. Let's discuss how we can assist you in reaching your personal or business development goals via a PAID product or service and see if we are a good fit.


Financial Motivations Consulting and Insurance Services

STEP ONE: Watch These Short Videos + Get To Know Stacie

This page contains 60+ video testimonials in addition to all of the written ones. Please allow time for them to all fill in.



STEP TWO: Apply Now To See If You Qualify 

Now that you’ve absorbed all the great training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forward with your business fast then apply now. Our Professional Services & Programs are designed to help you get the guidance and RESULTS that you desire in your business.

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FMCIS Testimonials 

Financial Motivations Consulting and Insurance Services


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Life Insurance Agents


Safe Investments

AGENT Testimonials - Exclusive Community

Black Life Insurance Agents Of America FB Community 


Black Life Insurance Agents Of America Community

We're a family of Black / Brown life insurance agents connected and growing together in order to build a solid life insurance business so we can help more people in our community to close the wealth gap .

Valerie F.

Stacie I love this information just want to thank you so much. Yes you are showing me to change the game for my business without being tuned off by people.....yes waiting on the next Live I'm proud to be a brown agent. This really will bless you, so many people do not want share. I'm just so appreciative. 

Shay J.

After joining Stacie via Zoom, I was able to learn about the different types of agents and which type currently fits my personality. Stacie also gave a brief description of different prospecting techniques which I am very much interested in learning more about. I feel working with Stacie will help me grow and expand my business opportunities, not only in the insurance business but in the other businesses I operate.

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nicole garret 

This is a game changer!!  I have been in other courses that indicate Service Businesses can covert sales utilizing social media and funnels but they are generally giving steps but not showing you how to do it. Stacie over delivered on so many levels. Thanks Stacie!!

adelle kuoh

I want to thank Stacie for taking the time to direct on this. To any agents sitting on the fence, consider this an investment into your business. An investment which is so worth your while. 

sherina taylor

 During the training, Stacie explained everything until all questions were answered. I left feeling very confident about the tool that I had just learned and was ready to see my business grow from the implementation of that too.


The importance and implementation of having automatic appointment reminders and post appointment follow-ups so that I don’t have to worry about the reminders myself. The system we set up during the training is not only what I would expect from a professional, but is also going to save me a lot of time and stress.

AGENT Testimonials - Group Coaching 

Fix My Broken Virtual Life Insurance Business Group Coaching Program


Rayna Cephas - Jones

life insurance agent 


Ashanique Kimble

Life insuance agent 


Vandolyn Smith 

Life INsuranced Aent 


Fix My Broken Virtual Life Insurance Business

Becoming  successful business owner after being in corporate America for several years takes more than just starting a business and setting up a website. There are new habits and old habits both that need to be learned or unlearned in order to achieve success. The best way to accomplish this is with accountability and community. 

Kantrell Smith.

This helps to know what information my target audience needs and makes it possible for me to be resourceful and cater to them. I am excited to utilize social media, Google applications, and some of these strategies to take my business to another level as well. This will help me be more credible as l interact with families. I am eager to utilize these new methods to find a common ground with potential clients and make easy sales.

Mikayla Irvin

It's pretty genius! You're building up your relationships within the community and gaining their trust! So that it'll make the transition easier to talk about business (or what it is that you do) that can be mutually beneficial or add value to their life!! As for recommending this course, I absolutely would because there's so much value in what you are teaching us, especially for newbies like myself to this industry and it's easy to follow along and you are very thorough in your explanation, and make it very relatable!!

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It's the breakthroughs for me... Join the program if you don't want to build your business alone. The VIP Program gives you undivided attention. #RepeatClient


Watching her FREE webinars and workshops I was able to build my website. Her steps are broken down and easy to follow. I encourage you to purchase the paid ones as well. 


Stacie makes everything sound so simple and easy because she breaks it down to the point where it's easy to understand and make perfect sense even to a new agent.

Andre hubbard

I was struggling before meeting Stacie. I knew how to sell but I didn't know how to run my business. I now have a new found passion and I love my business again.

AGENT Testimonials - Professional Services

You Shouldn't Have To Sacrifice Your Soul To Help Your Community


Done For You Professional Services

Not everyone is tech savvy, has hired a team of professionals, or has the time/desire to learn and implement how to set up and tweak many of the virtual tools we teach. This is why we created a division to handle it all for you instead. 


I enjoy the Black Life Insurance Agents of America group discussions, training, and guidance. If you're considering joining this community...always be a student of the business. Learn the basics, study your craft and get connected to this group as it enhances their knowledge base and helps them to grow continuously.

Tanya A.

Positive: Positive, Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. 

Stacie teaches you how to be a Real Superhero to your clients/ family/ followers with her training, insight and experience! You ALWAYS learn something NEW in her Lives, webinar, workshops. A real Educator who cares that 

you get it and can use it!

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Angela taylor

I had a broad vision and really no understanding of how to grow my business. I was so overwhelmed with all the components of being a business owner and not just a life insurance agent. 

Laroy macK

Stacie helped me set up a system to weed out the people who are not serious. I increased my revenue by 80%. Her systems allowed me to help more people and submit more quality business. #RepeatClient


Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is. #RepeatClient


I have been an insurance agent for many years but I decided it was time to get a coach. My concentration and  organization have improved from her techniques, and I even added an assistant.  She helped me also realize my major hurdle and hindrance. I once felt so frustrated but now I'm on the path of lead resistance.

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E Tinnin

Since I joined Black Life Insurance Agents of America (BLIAA),I feel like I am finally surrounded by like-minded professionals who aren't afraid to think and go outside the box. The weekly trainings are phenomenal.  So much value is provided and it's free!!

The products offered both for a fee and free have truly been beneficial to my business. They have helped me to reignite the passion I have for the life insurance industry. My thirst is being quenched.


I absolutely loved the Social Media Audit session with Stacie. There was so much needed information that will help my business take off. I’ve been working to make a lot of changes. I appreciate you very much.

What stood out most was staying active on social media and making my page attractive, how to structure my personal and business page, and how it should look to attract my friends, new clients and business partners.

Financial Services Testimonials - SAFE Investments

Grow & Protect Your Money At The Same Time 


Grow & Protect My Money

As you prepare for retirement or construct your business succession plan the priority shifts to protecting the money you have accumulated and ensuring you never run out as your transition into what comes next. It's important to know where your are, what options you have, and what order should you tackle each area in your finanal house. 

Natasha Clarke

Stacie is amazing, she listens and gives the advice you and your personal situation need most. Your goals become Stacie's goals!! I personally love how down to earth she is and how she has helped me get on the road to financial freedom. I have learned so much from her. I totally love the financial motivations academy! I strongly recommend getting into the academy; it will put together your big picture! thank you Stacie for so your help and always being there through the good times and the bad times! I'm truly thankful for your guidance! #RepeatClient

Latoya Rose

If you haven't booked a consultation with Stacie L. Daniel, know your legacy depends upon it. I'm a wealth Strategist however every Strategist needs one so here's my testimony: I took off from employment and entrepreneurship for about a year and 4 months before slowing getting back in the game. I thought | would just take a year to getting everything going but the last 2 months Stacie has put me in place to think big. She has encouraged me to utilize the tools I already have to earn more. She has shifted my mindset not to get swallowed in Pity but to take control of my finances. She has taught me the #HustlelsDead therefore she is helped me regain clarity in my business. Thank you Stacie!

Randi Shearod

Stacie Daniel was very detailed in explaining how the policy works. This meeting was to give me my final numbers and me set up my draft to start payments. I was expecting to jump right in. Stacie did not do that. She went back to address all questions and make sure we were on the same page. When going into the meeting be very honest with what you can afford monthly and the type of benefits you are looking for. I assure you there is something Stacie can show you to meet your needs. We ended the meeting with me feeling very confident and understanding how my money will be working. Stacie Daniel is the kind of agent I don't mind sending folks to. 

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kim purnell 

I had the awesome privilege of meeting her and having several consultations that have proven to be highly beneficial. She has such a genuine spirit about her that I was drawn to here and wanted to learn more. #RepeatClient

nicole alexander

 It was eye opening to see where I was financially. I was afraid to look at is all and she help me see that it wasn't as bad as I thought but I did need to make some changes. She mad me feel comfortable, confident not alone as she guided me out. #RepeatCleient

Robyn Henderson

When you find a professional who's knowledgeable sitick with them. Don't be pulled away by someone offering what seems too good to be true.

Chandra price

Stacie explained to me how to protect my money  and made me aware that there was so much I didn't know. She has taken the time to explain it all to me, 

Financial Services Testimonials - Virtual Business Owner

Recession Proof Your Income 


Recession Proof Your Business & Income

Business clarity and organization is the foundation for a successful business and many times even though we are experts at what we do the discipline, accountability, and organization is missing which keeps us from expanding. A clear perspective opens the door to many possibilities. 

I'm no longer working my business at my leisure

Before working with Stacie I was not feeling confident at all ith my daily task for my business, work, and personal life.. Now, I can look at my computer/phone and feel organized because I have a calendar with time blocks telling me exactly what I should be doing at  the right time as opposed to running my business at my leisure. I used always feel like I was running out of time. 

I wanted to use technology to expand my business

I've been a lawyer since 1994 gaining client via word of mouth. Stacie has been very thorough and providing me insight on how to expand my business.  I wanted to to use technology to connect with people and bring them into my office so I can make money in my sleep. She went over my entire business and opened my eyes to many aspects.

I Had Wasted So Much Time Doing Nothing

I was not showing up. I was breaking commitments. I had a calendar but haven't used it since February. I manage my husbands business calendar as well and I have event taught him the organization. I can now see what  needs to be done each day. This has even helped me be a better friend and stay in touch. #RepearClient

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I don't have to keep all in my head

My life was super hectic. I was running from one thing to the next thing then going back to the other thing. Family, life, and business runs more smoother. It helps to have a reminder and a schedule of the things that need to be done. I am more productive with the time limits. I don't have to try and keep it all up in my hear. My head is not cluttered and I don't have notes all around.

Stacie has the infrastructure answers for you.

We had no idea of all the efforts it takes to build your business on social media. After working with Stacie, We can totally see the difference in just a couple months when it comes to attracting clients and how to present your business on social media platforms to engage with more clients. We have definitely seen an increase in engagement after tracking the results. No matter your business, Stacie has the infrastructure you need. #RepeatClient

I Had Wasted So Much Time Doing Nothing

Working with Stacie has change my business greatly. Stacie helped me with my target audience, my social media reach, how to get engage followers, how to grow my Facebook group. I've had other coaches but her coaching is the implementation. How do I get people to the business is what I learned after working with her. She has even changed my mindset around money. I am now very comfortable charging what I am worth. #RepeatClient

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I wanted to create an environment for women. I know God has given me a mission. However,  after trying on my own for years I didn't know why I was hitting a brick wall. She opened my eyes on how to attract these women, the clarity on the mission and objectives for this space, and the hope I needed to proceed. 


Before working with Stacie I was really scatter brained o what to do in my business. I didn't know what to focus on or where to start. I gained a lot of clarity during our sessions. I have a better online direction.

Camara kay

I was nervous and hesitant. I now have a plan when before my ideas where everywhere. I'm more motivated. Where you don't see what you need she helps you come up with the plan. 


In our sessions, she helped me come up with strategies and gave me the nudge I needed. She provided the top notch help in money, finances, and social media presence. I  needed a different perspective and the help with implementation.

Financial Services  Testimonials - Complete Financial Analysis

Let's Get  Your Entire Financial House In Order


Financial Wellness Is The New Black 

Protection your money is just as important as making more money, savings, and investing. Avoid The 8 Silent Wealth Killers, reposition your funds, and stop loving money knowingly form all of your savings accounts. 

You Can't Know What You Don't Know But Stacie Will Let You Know

Relationship, Dating, & Marriage Coach. I had been in business 20 years but I still needed help in something that is not my expertise which is the long term financial side of my business. I knew Stacie was the expert so I reached out.

Tell them why this bonus feature of your course is going to help them achieve even more than what you’ve already outlined in the modules above. 1-on-1 coaching calls, downloadable workbooks, cheat sheets… whatever it is, mention it in this section.

Kim Purnell
Stacie Helped Me Do A Complete Financial Overhaul in 45 days

Since doing a 15 minute consultation with Stacie, I have not been the same. I thought I had it all together financially. I have be able to do a couple  things in just 45 days. One of them is moving my 401k out of the stock market and into a protective vehicle which is huge because I lost 15,000 in one day. I have also joined the Motivating Your Money academy so I could level up as a boss and implement The 8 Silent Wealth Killers. I am also utilizing her services for transitioning my business online. #RepeatClient

Stepping Into Financial Freedom W/ Money On My Mind

Stacie is an awesome financial strategist and she is even becoming a great friend. She gave me all the pros and cons for my options. I had to wrap my mind around my life changing  journey regarding my financial situation and how to fix this situation.so that I could breath.  She gave me the confidence. and she remind me not to go back to old behavior.  I no longer avoid facing each step. You changed my mind about the process of bankruptcy and the freedom that it brings. I can let myself out of the financial jail I put myself in. #RepeatClient

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AGENT Testimonials - Speaking Events

Using My Gift Of Gab For Good


Build A Solid Financial Foundation

As entrepreneurs, building a solid financial foundation will ensure we can help our clients and community longer. We can build the legacy we desire for our families and we can stop living the common feast to famine lifestyle that has traditionally been expected. The 8 Silent Wealth Killers show you how you're losing your money and how you're giving it away so you can reposition your funds and build the safety net you need for financial security and peace of mind. 

Black Wall Street Exchange

Main Speaker Reel 

Women of Prosperity,  Chicago Land

 Stacie taught us so much. We just went through a 90 minute session regarding taxes, saving, retirement, & investment being able to spend your money and enjoy your money. I invited her to empower and teach our ladies in all aspects of money and finance. This will not be our last collaboration. 

Monument of Faith Church, Chicago, IL

I saw Stacie on FB and I saw her personal desire to help our people build wealth. She gave a wonderful presentation about wealth building and wealth management. I wanted t be a part of it because I am a entrepreneur and I wanted her to share it with the church.. We are bringing he back because we like what we heard. 

Women of Prosperity,  Chicago Land

One of my aha moments was her excellent. Stacie is an excellent presenter. nt tips that I was completely unaware of because we are not aware how in the dark we are regarding our 401k and IRA. I am an entrepreneur 

Get Out Of Debt & Secure Secure Your Retirement


Very informative session. I learned that my money is not growing the way I want it to grow. I would suggest this workshop for anyone my age think about their retirement options. 

black wall street EXCHANGE

The 8 Silent Wealth killers. describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.


I am motivated and I know that there are other options to better manage my money for myself and my family. I look forward to getting started with Stacie. 


I feel angry and liberated at the same time. I saw areas where I have fallen prey and hadn't realized it. I also learned that it's not too late to start. I appreciated learning about better options for IRA, I learned about where I am losing money. 

Financial Motivations.com - All Rights Reserved

SAFE Investments: Grow & Protect Your Money

SAFE Investments seminar

My money is not 100% safe. I have stock, 401k, and pension plan. However, I would like to speak to her more about annuities.


I learned that my money in my 401k is not very secure and Stacie is going to help me find better places to mange it.


Stacie is an excellent speaker and easy to follow. I learned that my 401k isn't as good as I thought it was. This was very informative even though I was familiar with cash value but now I have a better understanding. 

SAFE Investment seminar

I came to improve my financial  life. I learned that I needed to move my 401k to a more secure option. 

The 8 Silent Wealth Killers 

the 8 silent wealth killers

How to make changes so that I am not giving my money away instead of doing what is widely taught. I am learning new options. This was an amazing experience. I can not wait to share with my children.


I have 2 main takeaways - My 401k traditional retirement plan needs to be rethought and how advertisements are targeting me and my money.


What an amazing day! I knew the women would really get and access the value she would bring so that they could continue to build their own wealth, stop losing their money, and learn how to make their money work for them. 

SAFE Investment seminar

I learned that I am throwing money away because my spending is being controlled systematically which is why I am not able ot grow my business. 

Financial Motivations.com - All Rights Reserved

What makes us different?

Financial Motivations Consulting Insurance Service is a virtual life insurance agency and financial services firm. We are in the business of helping licensed life insurance agents create a successful dependable business online and offline with NO overwhelm.

What our agents having in common is their desire and ability to invest in themselves and their business to attract more quality leads, prequalify and prime those leads so that they're prepared to take action before the appointment, create repeat clients, and create passive life/health insurance sales. 

Our services include helping agents start, grow, and scale their virtual life insurance business using virtual strategies and social media tools, scale their business by increasing their revenue without increasing their workload, and be able to do this all on autopilot.

The direct result is our agents consistently increased their monthly revenue, community impact without having to choose between their family or the families they help in their community.

We provide you with the tools and step by step strategies via the Virtual Life Insurance Academy™ inside our FMCIS University for DIY execution in a group setting. Our VIP days with myself and our team are where we audit and analyze our agents business infrastructure and provide a personalized revenue focused blueprint.

If you don't have the time, tech skills, or team, FMCIS will implement your hybrid business sales, leads funnels, and other branding projects for you!

Financial Motivations.com - All Rights Reserved

Financial Motivations.com - All Rights Reserved

"This is the right place to be!"

"This was an amazing ride and I want to thank Stacie L. Daniel for her help in making this birthday/announcement day special. She definitely brought me some new ideas and is helping me shape and expand my business. I still have a ways to go before I am social media proficient, but with her help I will continue to grow and make my social media presence well known. You are in the right place at the right time. We are a family here!😍."

- Kantrell Smith  (Life Insurance Agent / Notary Agent)

Who is Stacie L Daniel?

Virtual Life Insurance Agent Expert | Amazon Best Selling Author | Award Winning Virtual Life Insurance Agency Owner

Creator of the Virtual Agent Method™ which allows her to control her money, time, and life. She had been able to make 10k insurance commission from one cold lead and 11X her revenue during the pandemic with a strategic combination of online and offline activities.  Now, she trains other black and brown life insurance agents to do the same.

Before her pandemic pivot, as a Safe Investment Expert, Stacie was in the business of helping established entrepreneurs and corporate professional clients Grow & Protect their money Guaranteed.

However, after being in the financial services industry since 2008, receiving multiple awards and accolades for speaking, training, & sales, she started her own award winning life insurance agency and consulting firm. Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance Services.

In 2017, Stacie transitioned part of my business online because she wanted to work less, make more, and have a bigger impact on her community. Now she trains her fellow agents to do the same, help her community with safe investments, and still have time to spare.

If you’re tired of buying bad leads, door knocking, dialing for dollars and you’re ready to feel like and make money like a respected financial professional my monetizing your social media ad positioning yourself as an authority click the link below to see if you qualify for one of our programs.

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