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About  Stacie L. Daniel

► SAFE Investment Expert | Virtual Life Agent Expert
► Award-Winning Virtual Life/Health Agency Owner | Consultant

Stacie is in the business of helping established entrepreneurs and working professionals who want to protect their financial foundation, assets, and peace of mind by stopping the financial hemorrhage and implementing tools that allow them to GROW, SAVE, & SPEND, & PROTECT. She also positions them to receive monthly lifetime income so they never have to worry about running out of money no matter the current economical climate. 

Protecting Your Money Is Just As Important As Making More, Saving, & Investing!

Working with Black / Brown * Life insurance Agents and agencies via the Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB community and The Virtual Life insurance Agent Academy teaching how to turn their license into a successful dependable business online and offline with NO overwhelm. 

The better equipped and stable our licensed financial professionals are the longer they will stay in the industry, the more they can educate the community on little known financial strategies and the more they can all close the wealth gap. 

Life Insurance Agents Are Community Super Heroes!

My story

Since 2008, Stacie has been in the financial services industry and has received multiple awards & accolades for helping thousands of families to save millions of dollars by avoiding The 8 Silent Wealth Killers™ and other very powerful but hidden money rules. Stacie is an award winning national speaker, trainer, award winning agency owner, an Amazon Best Selling Author.

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"Protecting your money is just as important as making more money, saving, and investing."

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If you are new to the Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance agency or to our president Stacie L. Daniel a great place to start will be with the link provided here. 

We have provided financial literacy, business ownership, and agency resources and next steps to meet you where your are and allow you to take baby steps to where you want to be whether that is with us or with one of our trusted power partners. 


E-Learning Academy

Our mission is to do everything we can and meet you where you are in every area of your financial house wo we can decrease the knowledge, wealth, and wage gaps in our communities. 

Virtual Life Agent Consulting

Sharing my frameworks that put me in the top 1% by allowing me to remain in the financial services industry since 2018, securing a 25+ year award winning entrepreneurial career, and helped thousands of life insurance agents also transition their business online since 2017.

Financial Services & Insurance

I'm in the financial services business with a very unique approach in that I help my clients find money that they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. My community is better served by avoiding losses as opposed to gambling trying to pick the best combination of financial products of which to invest - never with any security!

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Success Stories

We pride ourselves on the results we have been able to help our clients receive for several years. From doubling their income in less than one year, building a new home, collection 400 leads in one month, to increasing closing ratio by 40% in less than 30 days. The frameworks we teach have worked for us and our agents/business owners as well.

Stacie Daniel and her 2024 Revenue Engine Strategy Session has been a great benefit to my business vision of seamlessly connecting my decades of experience as a counselor, licensed agent & fiduciary, and national speaker in order to help more people while doing less manual work.

She delivers clarity, resources, personalized strategy, and ongoing support. Her genuine love for her work will benefit any agent in the business. I highly recommend her to others and suggest that if you are on the fence about her programs that you definitely, give it a try. You can start with her PAID membership. I am so very happy that I did as I now have a clear plan for success an even better I have the systems to make it happen. I highly recommend her.
Tinisha Springs


I had my second 1:1 meeting with Stacie today. Currently, we are working on my complete branding and professional positioning so that I am congruent across all virtual platforms allowing me to connect and be visible but not have to be tied to the engagement and responses.

My biggest aha moment going through these exercises with Stacie is that you start figuring out who you are as a person. You find out what your strengths and weaknesses are and what you feel comfortable presenting as an agent. I’m looking forward to the new leads daily + random deposits via my financial literacy resources library and store. Stacie agent specific sales funnels and marketing automation workflow will help me teach my business to work while I’m taking care of my father who now has dementia. Thanks, Stacie, for all that you do. This is a long-term relationship. 2024 is going to be lit! 



Need content? If you are trying to build your life insurance business online, and you’re stuck, Stacie has the program for you. I’ve been with Stacie for a over a year now and have taken a couple of her courses. I am so glad that I found her. She has the experience and knows what works so you can escalate in your life insurance business.

t’s all already been tried and tested. The most recent course is her Content Calendar course. I just love it! When it comes to life insurance, marketing can be very tricky. I’m sure you already know that. With this course, Stacie makes it very easy for you so you don’t waste time trying to figure it all out. The Content Calendar provides you content for every day of the month, every month so you can build your credibility and connections online. Stacie overdelivers every time because she cares about your success. If you are on the fence, don’t be. It just can’t get any easier than this.

Damaris Murray

Life/Health Insurance agent

MY Story

Stacie believes that everyone should have access to the education and tools needed to reach the level of financial success that they’re working towards. Financial literacy and other powerful but hidden money rules are not taught in our schools, churches, at work, and many times not even in our homes. It is for that reason that she has positioned herself and her company as a resource.

Since 2008, Stacie has helped thousands of families to save millions on dollars by showing them how they were losing money via one of The 8 Silent Wealth Killers and she wants to help you do do the same

Showing established entrepreneurs and working professionals how to Grow & Protect their money simultaneously GUARANTEED so they never have to worry about running out of money now or later no matter the global economic financial climate. 

Being in the financial services industry since 2008, receiving multiple awards and accolades for speaking, training, & sales, she started her own award-winning life insurance agency and consulting firm. 

In 2017, Stacie transitioned part of her business online because she wanted to have a bigger impact on my community without having to increase her work hours or team expenses. Using virtual tools and social media strategies, she has been able to enhance my clients' experience via personalized customer service and client retention efforts. 

Stacie also teach other life insurance agents her Virtual Agent Method™ which allows her to control my money, my time, and my life. 

No more feeling alone or sitting with unanswered questions before or after we meet.

If you’re ready to position yourselves to receive monthly lifetime paycheck and play checks guaranteed, increase your cash flow in as little as 7 days, create a tax-free lifestyle let’s connect.

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Helping life insurance agents automate their business so they can create more time fore life.