Brand New

& Experienced: 

Life insurance agents get the 'Done For You' tools they need monetize your social media accounts. 

Leverage your online presence to BOOST your offline revenue using the power of virtual tools & enhanced visibility!

Where Brand New & Experienced  life insurance agents get the 'Done For Your' tools they need to monetize their social media accounts. 

Leverage your online presence to BOOST your offline revenue using the power of virtual tools & enhanced visibility!

Work Less, Make More, & Have More Impact! 

You want to wake up to appointments and messages from your perfect client and you want to create predictable income monthly... 

Problem is....

You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start!


(I'm not kidding)

Are you inconsistent in attracting quality leads online even though you've been posting & going LIVE on your social media platforms plus active in FB groups?

Are you having trouble closing zoom or telesales appointments because you can’t get quality people who are serious?

Have you bought courses, went to webinars, or paid coaches but they didn't have insurance experience so you still had tons of questions and minimal results? 

As you read this, you're Possibly thinking about getting A Part Time jOB, Testing For A P&c license, Joining the Medicare Crew, or Buying More Garbage Leads Because You're Tired Of Being On The Struggle Bus!

What you really want is:

To use the internet, social media, and other top agent tools to teach your community how to protect their money and how to close the wealth gap but your old insurance strategies aren’t working in the virtual world.

What you really want is:

To attract, filter, the "quote seekers" so you can ONLY meet with serous leads ready to close but you can't figure out the online tools, strategies, & algorithms. 

The reality is:

You've spent a lot of time and money trying to make what you've learned from your upline, business coaches, and/or or non life insurance online marketers work for you with little success.


I have something awesome for the life insurance agent who answers  yes to the  following questions...

  • Would you like to quickly and easily reach and convert your idea client using social media?
  • Would you like to learn & implement simple but powerful micro activities & social media features in order to create a consistent flow of leads and income?
  • Would you like to create social media content that will PRIME and PREQUALIFY your leads and have them PREPARED to complete the application BEFORE the appointment?
  • Do you want to build credibility and brand yourself online as a financial professional?
  • Are you a traditional life insurance agent who wants to become a virtual life insurance agent at least partially?

I'm about To Show You: How Use social Media to consistently attracting quality clients With

Algorithm Manipulation, Professional Branding, &

 High Converting Content!


My name is Stacie L. Daniel.

I'm a Virtual Life Agent Expert & 14 year Life Insurance Veteran who's in the business of helping her clients GROW & PROTECT their assets so that they never have to worry about running out of money during retirement. I also coach and train traditional life insurance agents to become virtual agents which helps them make more money but reduce the time and energy it takes to have the same impact on their community

In 2017, after being in the financial services industry for 9 years, receiving multiple awards and accolades for sales, speaking, and teaching, starting my own award winning life insurance agency and consulting firm, and ultimately helping thousands of families save millions of dollars by avoiding The 8 Silent Wealth Killers™ then implementing various advanced wealth strategies...

I was tired!

I wanted to sell life insurance from anywhere in the world via my laptop and my phone. I also wanted multiple streams of income. I wanted control over my time, my life, & my money.

That's the life I live now.

When I transitioned by business online in 2017, I was eager to to affect change on a larger scale. How humbled I was when I realized that basically none of the agent success tools that I mastered worked in the online space and needed to be tweaked.

It feels like I went back to school. I sacrificed my lucrative monthly income to invest the time, energy, and money into coaches, mentors, programs, courses, trainings, workshops, and masterminds.

That's how I mastered all of the online tools, social media platform features, algorithm manipulation,  sales funnels, retargeting strategies, ads & organic marketing, + various tech, tools & apps needed to successfully sell life insurance online.

No more door knocking, dial days,  DM diving, or bad leads!

It was worth every minute & every dollar spent!

I literally work LESS, make MORE, and have more of an IMPACT from my couch, my car, the beach, and even in my sleep!

I pride myself on being a coach who gets you.

I get it because just like you, not long ago, I had a vision of what I wanted to do in the online space while looking for someone who had the 'level of success' I wanted to reach...

I also pride myself on helping my life agent clients to understand how to use the social media to brand themselves, generate leads daily, and life insurance sales weekly using high converting content that attracts your prime prospects and tells your unique strory.

 This is how you will stand out agent in the digital world. 

If you’re still with me then I’d like to pull back the curtain and introduce you to…

The Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy™

Where Brand New & Experienced  life insurance agents get the tools they need to monetize their social media accounts. 

Leverage your online presence to BOOST your offline revenue to create a successful dependable  business online & offline w/ NO overwhelm!

Work Less, Make More, & Have More Impact! 

This Is A 'Done For You' social Media Membership!

We're elevating you into the online space for a fraction of the cost charged by large agencies and companies.

The Academy is the ultimate one-stop-shop for online branding,   marketing, and audience building + converting tactics for virtual life insurance agents .

The Academy is jam-packed with fast action material that will take you from a invisible traditional life insurance agent to a virtual life insurance agent attracting high quality clients.

 If you’re building a personal brand in today's online world, this is how to get known, get noticed, and get clients, starting now. 

No fluff

No complicated training

No tech learning curve 

Just what you need to transition your business online


Monthly Content


STRESS LESS about what to post DAILY, and FINALLY produce authentic content that GROWS your online presence with the 365+ day, VLIAA Monthly Content Calendar.

Works for you  you're wanting to educate your audience around your insurance area of expertise in order to get more awareness and grow on social.


Social Memes, 

Graphics, & Templates


Social media content + tools needed to attract, filter, auto process, & monetize the "quote seekers" so you can ONLY meet with serous leads ready to close.

Canva templates, memes, and engagement post to quickly edit and make your own for algorithm manipulation for increased visibility.


Virtual Agent Planners & Workbooks

Digital fillable worksheets that you don't need to print to complete. Be able to brainstorm, personalize, & implement immediately.

Consistently attract quality leads, complete high-value appointments, and create repeat clients via social media tools and virtual strategies.


Monthly Networking Q/A Session

Where business besties are made. Come for connections and feedback. Find your local agents for community building. Avoid procrastination & staying  stuck in creation mode.

Share your wins. Get feedback and brainstorm with peers. Never stay stuck or feel alone.

(additional resources added monthly)

Client Reviews...

Click here for  more client reviews...

“Bouncing back after the pandemic...”

“This pandemic situation has stolen quite a bit from me, but I'm determined to take back what's mine. Taking action is my only choice at this point! You've been a huge inspiration for me and I am very grateful for the work you do with this group. It is making a difference in my life for sure. Thank you again! ✨💪🎆

- Chanel FisherLife Insurance Agent

All these now for just:

  • Monthly Content Calendar 
  • Graphics & Memes Library
  • Planners & Workbooks Library
  • Monthly Networking


  • #BLIAA Mentorship Perks
  • Private Community
  • Affiliate Link
  • Daily Motivation

All of this now for just:





/ mo.

All of this now for just:





/ mo.



What The Academy Does for You:




If you’ve been struggling to find time to create social media content, you’ll love the VLIAA Monthly Content Calendar System. ❤️

Now you can relax - Know you've got a SYSTEM that will help you *actually* connect with your ideal clients without spending hours stuck in creation mode!

You’ll have MONTHLY life insurance agent done-for-you content ideas, captions, and graphics all planned out, written, and designed for you.


The best part is, they hit all the right engagement buckets to:👇


✔  Send good signals to the algorithms

✔  Encourage engagement

✔  Convert followers into customers

✔  Get the most mileage out of your best content




Imagine if you never had to randomly posting on social media and forever struggling with ideas for your next catchy post then not getting they amount of likes, follows, comments?

1. Lock down your caption and image types so you know how you want your brand to show up 

2. Start batch creating your next month's worth of social media content (exactly how we do - you’re literally snagging our systems)

3. Know exactly when and where to schedule your content so you can set it and forget it

...Oh and we'll show you how to schedule it out too!

There is a method to the social media madness and you’re about to get in on it! This bonus is all about making the MOST out of your social media content creation TIME/IDEAS.




"If you believe there's no sense in reinventing the wheel then this section is for you"

Fill in the blank post description and scripts save you tons of time, energy, and frustration. You will also get what's needed for client clarity and rebranding. All you need to WOW your future client.

Your potential lead didn't come to social media searching for help with financial services - you have to sneak in the back door and build a like know trust relationship at the same time while educating and entertaining

If you can copy and paste then you can use these templates. 

Types of Templates, Graphics, Planner, & Scripts:

* Converting Post Descriptions

Daily Action Plan Workbook 

* Ideal Client * Magnetic Messaging

Habits & Distractions Workbook

Agent Business Commitment Workbook

Time Management & Organization Workbook

* FB - Post, Cover Photo

(Personal, Group & Business Page) 

* IG - Post, Stories. Reels

* YouTube - Cover, Thumbnail

* LinkedIn - Cover

* Video Titles & Hooks




"If you believe there's power in numbers & we're only as strong as our support system then this section is for you"

Newbies & Experienced agents wish they had a monthly connection with like minded people who look like them who have the same struggles and are moving towards the same goals. Now you have this priceless opportunity! This is a virtual mixer where business besties are made. Every professional should regularly connect with people in their industry who's playing the game at a higher level than them so that they can network, find mentorship, and get their questions answered. 

If you can join a zoom room then you can join the mastermind,  connect with us, & get your questions answered.

Wait there's more!

Keep reading for Bonuses!


Receive a daily motivation / text to keep you productive and unstuck

          affiliate             link

Let's share the revenue from the licensed or pre-licensed agents that you intoroduce to the academy.


Enjoy a list of benefits that ONLY the mentorship members receive.

     private      Forum

Ask questions, post your content updates for support and feedback. Never fell alone again as you build.

Client Reviews...

“I would've never thought to do this!”

Stacie L. Daniel is the truth! After several trainings with her, I am now adding a consultation sector to my insurance business. I have renamed my business and branding several digital and physical products that I’m going to offer. I would have never thought to do this without all the nuggets that I have learned from her.

Additionally, I recently went to a business owners FB, used her tactics, and got 50+ responses. I will now turn those into leads. I have already scheduled a few appointments. Now for follow up with the others.”

- Carmen Bernard, Life Insurance Agent

All these now for just:

  • Monthly Content Calendar 
  • Graphics & Memes Library
  • Planners & Workbooks Library
  • Monthly Networking


  • #BLIAA Mentorship Perks
  • Private Community
  • Affiliate Link
  • Daily Motivation

All of this now for just:





/ mo.

All of this now for just:





/ mo.



"Life Insurance Agents Are Community Super Heroes!"

The better equipped you are to meet your community where they are, break down how you can help them in a way they can understand, and be available for questions the more clients you will get and keep. 

Come join us in the Virtual Life Insurance Academy™ and connect with like minded financial professionals just like you who are helping their clients better understand the importance of life insurance and iti benefits before and after death.

Let's Peek inside the private FB

Click here for  more client reviews...

"I almost bought more leads!"

2 weeks ago I almost invested $700 on leads. Something told me to revisit my session with Stacie. Her empowerment and energy in her training gave me the confidence to reach out to my warm market. I created “ Secure the Bag Online 15 minute Money Party”

I hosted 2 and have 20 leads in 30 minutes! I did pay my friends a bonus for hosting them but it was so fun! I can’t wait to join the academy

- Brittany Allen (Life Insurance Agent)

"This is the right place to be!"

"This was an amazing ride and I want to thank Stacie L. Daniel for her help in making this birthday/announcement day special. She definitely brought me some new ideas and is helping me shape and expand my business. I still have a ways to go before I am social media proficient, but with her help I will continue to grow and make my social media presence well known. You are in the right place at the right time. We are a family here!😍."

- Kantrell Smith  (Life Insurance Agent / Notary Agent)

You have a GUARANTEE!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't increase your virtual leads, visibility, closes, or confidence over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you your money back plus a coffee gift card.

But you do have to show us the work... Progress isn't made without work. You do the work, connect in the community and ask questions, come to the mastermind for feedback.


If you do all of this and you still have no increase then we will pay for your troubles.

This has never happened yet with anyone who I have worked with by the way.

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

"I promise if you do the work you will get the results and if not I will refund your money and buy a cup of coffee/tea."

  • Agent
  • Not Tech Savvy
  • Not Social Media Savvy  

What if I am not licensed yet, will I benefit from these resource libraries?

Yes! Even though this VLIAA is meant for those who are already licensed and ready to sell an life insurance, build their business, or open their own agency ... there are courses and resources for the soon to be licensed. If you are wanting to start preparing early this academy is perfect for you as well. 

What if I am not licensed yet, will I benefit from these resource libraries?

Yes! Even though this VLIAA is meant for those who are already licensed and ready to attract new leads daily and gain new life insurance clients weekly by branding themselves and creating high converting content ... building your audience and cleaning up your social media amongst other virtual agent tools are available for the soon to be licensed. If you are wanting to start preparing early this academy is perfect for you as well. 

Brand New Agent

Yes! Absolutely! There are trainings on virtual life agent  best practices including clearly identifying your ideal client, their problems, and the policy benefits that are best to market to them, creating  your magnetic message, and creating a comfortable schedule so you can be consistent and more.


Experienced Agent 

Those who have been in the industry for a while but have holes in their social media strategy and aren't able to acquire clients regularly in the virtual space, yes, this academy is for you as well. Especially if you want to know how to transition online or how to create a passive stream of qualify leads that easily convert into prime prospects, appointment, and applications. 

Veteran Agent

Yes, Absolutely! Selling life insurance as a traditional agent is different from selling life insurance using modern tools, strategies, and technology that allow you to make more money, in less time, and have more of an impact on your community. These same tools will allow you to use your time and efforts effectively and efficiently so that there’s no more daily hustle, grind and overwhelm.  *This is a great tool for your team as well.

 I'm a health insurance agent ONLY or a property & casualty agent ONLY, are these resources for me?

The FMCIS family has love for you as well!  There are many life insurance agents inside of the  Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB community who have other insurance licenses. However, if you are NOT an active life insurance agent  OR if life insurance is NOT your primary focus then you may want to find a different resource that will focus more on your lines of business.

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Once payment is received you will gain immediate access the the onboarding checklist to ensure you get connected to all pertinent resources, the private insurance forum, and the monthly networking event.

You will also receive 2 emails. One will be your receipt. The other will be your confirmation email with login details.

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