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Virtual Life/Health Insurance Agency & Consulting Firm

Life Insurance Agents: 3 ways we can work together 1 on 1 to build your solid business foundation. 

Sharing the frameworks that put me in the top 1% by allowing me to remain in the financial services industry for 14 years giving me 25 years total of entrepreneurial sales experience.

 In 2017, I transitioned part of my business online which has allowed me to sell insurance & consult from all over the world.

I am determined to teach other life insurance agents how to do the same.

Here at Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance Services are hyper-focused on those who are bold an courageous  enough to take imperfect action toward the goals and dreams they desire while leaving the notebooks and fear of failure behind. You and your family deserve it!

For those of you who are unapologetic about working smart but playing hard while being professional and down to earth as we dominate these virtual life insurance agent streets which means helping more people and making tons of money in less time, then I have some exciting for you!

Join us for weekly training inside of the Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB community where we teach you how to get better at sales and closing so you can make more money with fewer leads.

This Is How We Support You

Life Insurance Agents Are Community Superheroes!

If you're Ready To:

  • Get unstuck in your virtual life insurance business
  • Increase your marketing and lead generation
  • Personalize your efficient and scalable business infrastructure to grow
  • Dominate your sales & follow-up strategies
  • Build an unbreakable mindset to tackle any challenge

It's time to get serious about making money in your business and being able to do so wherever you have WIFI.

With my guidance, you can become a successful virtual life insurance agent and make your financial dreams a reality. If you don't believe me then the facts are available! 

Check out my YouTube @fmcisUniversity

Join the Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB Community

Revenue Engine strategy session & accountabilty coaching

 1 Month @ $650

A check-in session for agents who aren't sure what direction to take next regarding income-producing activities and lead-generating strategies online and offline to increase closing percentage, quality of submitted business, and ideal client alignment 

We will be going back to the AGENT BASICS!

We will determine your agent type, ideal client, and product/policy suite online and offline. 

Let Me Help You Find The Money - I'm an expert strategist and consultant. I can help you find money you didn't event know was available using your unique gifts talents and experiences..

Due to my critical and analytical thinking, high level of perception, and 25 years of entrepreneurial sales experience, and years of helping aspiring entrepreneurs create cash flow control via passive income stream available through sales and systems - now I ONLY help life insurance agents to do the same
Your marketing and messaging tells your client you can help them but it has to be delivered correctly for them to take action

BRANDING Audit, content analysis, & professoinal collateral

2 Hours + Tech/Graphics  @ 500.00

Let’s optimize your social media profiles & plug in those missing pieces. Have your audience intrigued & wanting to learn more about you.  Position yourself to attract profitable power partnerships.  

Be prepared to promptly follow up w/ confidence.

Are you ready to launch or re-launch your brand but feeling overwhelmed with all of the steps and have no idea where to begin? Don’t let your professional branding or social media presence that you're not proud of become a hindrance to your productivity and profits. Don't try to do it alone or worse fail to standout in the noisy online space when you have the ability to change your followers and friends financial lives. 

FraCTIONal cmo services (sales & marketing + SYSTEMS & AUTOMATIONS)

25 Hrs monthly @ $1500.00


Wondering why you're overwhelmed in your business?  You're doing too many jobs & working too many hours in your business. Yes, these are the traditional activities and success strategies taught in our industry BUT the virtual life agent business model provides much needed relief. 

Automations, marketing, & virtual sales go together perfectly to create the peace of mind your desire! I'm here to help!

What are the direct benefits of working with a virtual life agent expert part time you might ask. Stop drowning in admin task, stop spending your profits on humans when and AI can do it more efficiently and cheaper. Use your human capital (VA & downline of agents) to add to your bottom line and increase sales. Spend your time in the front of your business attracting clients and protecting their lifestyles. Your positioning and credibility + systems and automations should fuel your sales funnels. Stop doing the manual work before before the appointment. Stop missing opportunities and leaving money on the table due to a poor follow up process. Start getting paid for the financial literacy that you're already teaching. Increase your retention and referrals while enhancing your reputation. Automate your business to make time for life. 

You focus on serving your clients while myself and my team focuses on the sales, marketing, tech, and social media professional positioning required to leverage your online presence and drive offline profits!

What makes us different

Financial Motivations Consulting Insurance Service is a virtual life insurance agency and

digital marketing consulting firm. We are in the business of helping licensed life insurance agents create a successful dependable business online and offline with NO overwhelm via digital marketing strategies and advanced sales.

What our agents having in common is their desire and ability to invest in themselves and their business to attract more quality leads, prequalify and prime those leads so that they're prepared to take action before the appointment, create repeat clients, create passive life/health insurance sales, and get paid for the financial literacy that they already teach making everyday a pay day.

If you don't have the time, tech skills, or team, FMCIS will implement your hybrid business sales, leads funnels, and other branding projects for you!

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor


Angela Taylor 

Agency Owner

The quality of my submit business increased and the time between appointment and paid policy decreased.

I had a broad vision and really no understanding of how to grow my business. I was so overwhelmed with all the components of being a business owner and not just a life insurance agent. 

LaRoy Mack

Agency Owner

The number of leads increased but the time spent with client not serious decreased. 

Stacie helped me set up a system to weed out the people who are not serious. I increased my revenue by 80%. Her systems allowed me to help more people and submit more quality business. #RepeatClient

Damaris Murray

Life/Health Agent

The increase in conversations, referrals, and engagement increased online but my overwhelm decreased.

Stacie makes everything sound so simple and easy because she breaks it down to the point where it's easy to understand and make perfect sense even to a new agent.


Does FMCIS recruit life insurance agents?

Currently, we are not recruiting any new agents. We will partner with an agent on a case and instruct the on how to generate passive life insurance sales monthly only as of 2023. 

FMCIS primarily focuses on helping established entrepreneurs and working professionals to leverage the power of cash value life insurance and annuities for income protection and wealth building.

We do have a 4 month program that guides life agents on how to duplicate the same business model for themselves. This program opens ONCE. annually.

Does FMCIS work with organizations and agencies that are not affiliated with the Black Life Insurance Agents of America community and brand?

Yes, of course. Our passion is helping the Black Life Insurance of America community and memberships but we seek profitable power parnerships, onsite trainings, speaking events, and more with any organization or agency that is associated with the insurance industry overall. 

For collaboration ideas and opportunities <--

What help do you offer to people who are not yet licensed?

FMCIS does not help you get licensed. However, we have a network of agents, agencies, & IMO/FMO's who will. Click the link below to gain access to request access to our network and you will receive the resources and guidance needed. 
Pre-Licensed Toolkit

Do you offer strategy sessions to help agents talk through their needs to ensure they make the right decision?

We can help. We have a few different options and price points depending on if you want:

◾ DWY {Done With You} in a VIP 6-week project - 1 on 1 

◾ DFY {DFY Done For You} mini membership group coaching settingThis is something we can review during a quick triage call to see how l can assist you with implementing so you reduce your manual agent activities while increasing the quality of submitted business and closes.

We even have DIY {Do It Yourself} baby steps courses available if that's more appropriate for your budget and timeline. {Digital Product on your own} Then we continue to stay in touch until it's time to take your next baby step because Baby steps lead to large leaps 


📌 Let's connect for a 15 min consult Let us cover the cost of our call to see how my company FMCIS can assist you in reaching your professional development + financial goals in your life insurance business via a PAID product or service!


As your life insurance agent leader, it is my goal to provide invaluable guidance and advice that can help you reduce the typical independent agent financial insecurities by creating dependable income to supplement your commission checks then minimizing chargebacks and your chances of making costly mistakes. 

We will gain insights into how we can align your natural personality and gifts with the latest trends and strategies in the life industry that will generate more clients and revenue with few leads.

I have collectively helped thousands of agents start, grow, and scale their life insurance businesses since 2008 through speaking, teaching, and training. Since 2020, I've helped hundreds of Life Insurance Agents to do the same in the virtual space. Chances are I can help scale yours as well.

Enroll in the 

Virtual Life Insurance Agent Academy™

Join other virtual life insurance agents just like you who are closing the gab between idea and implementation with daily support & expert guidanceDone For You social media content w/ graphics & script templates provided while on your virtual life insurance journey. 

Turn your social media profile into a leads machine and get a flood of quality leads by converting your comments into currency!