#1 Way to increase your monthly revenue – INTRODUCTION VIDEOS ONLY

What process will make the most difference in profit and productivity.

To only connect with leads who are serious and ready to commit to make changes in their financial situation when the right options are presented to them. 

They are called your A clients. The questions is how do you only meeting with A clients when there are so many quote seekers, tire kickers, and time wasters who need to speak with a spouse, time to think about it, or completely daily to show up to the appointment 

Getting your leads prequalified and prime BEFORE you meet as all that’s needed. This simply 

requires Monetize the quote seekers, let me think about it’s & NO SHOW’s 

What do with the people who don’t want a quote?

They need coverage and they need to know the cost of adequate coverage will be even if they aren’t ready or cant make the financial investment right now. 

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